Welcome to my website! I am HAYASHI Kanako of Photo Design Caravanserai based in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.  My career as a photo designer specialized in photography and design started in May, 2012. I made this website by myself and am gradually increasing the contents (please also look at my blog for the latest work).

Booking for photography is closed up to May 23, 2016 and available from May 24 and onward. Feel free to ask me the details.
[Updated on March 19, 2016]

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Photo Design Caravanserai is a tiny SOHO business in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture. HAYASHI Kanako is the representative and does all the work.

I am a photo designer and a mother of two elementary school children. Being an attentive mother has very much influenced my design style.

I am also specialized in photographing girls’ favorites: cuisine, sweets, and knick-knacks. My photo works have a gentle, airy, and soft atmosphere, which will surely satisfy you.



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Look at your children’s photos. Are they posing in their Sunday best and looking straight into the camera?

Actually, unintended movements and facial expressions of children in daily life make a good photo. For example, seeing a child from behind through a view finder gives you a feeling of facing the same direction so that you can enjoy a forthcoming small adventure together.

Babies have lovely body parts such as hands like a maple leaf, supple legs/feet, and plump cheeks. Just looking at all these makes us happy.

But this very dear and precious time does not last long…

Would you like to capture natural and relaxed moments of children and family that will never come back and keep them in the photos with Caravanserai?



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Caravanserai has no studio. Instead, I go out to a place of your choice for photography.

It can be a park with greenery and fresh wind or your house to make your children and family feel at home.

You can lie down on the lawn, walk/play with a pet, or relax in your favorite cafe. Do you have any other ideas?

Caravanserai is willing to assist you in creating memorable moments!






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