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  • Birthday: July 2 (zodiac sign: Cancer)
  • Blood type: A
  • avorite photographers: KUMAGAI Motoichi (There is an excellent museum exhibiting his photos in Hirugami Onsen [hot springs], Nagano Prefecture); IWAGO Mitsuaki
  • Favorite things to do: Visiting Sake (Japanese liquor) breweries
  • Favorite Sake: Houraisen (a representative Sake of Aichi Prefecture!)


  • My weak point: Not good at parallel parking, backward driving, and changing lanes.
  • Country I want to visit before I die: Yemen
  • Favorite songs: Oni no pantsu (Monster’s underpants), Coffee rumba
  • Recent efforts: Not to behave like a middle-aged man. Changing to a lady with elegance (hehehe).
  • Phobias: Tunnel and elevator (I am a claustrophobia)


  • Recent interest: Railway (I am a railway buff interested in riding not photographing)
  • Favorite novelists/essayists: MIYAMOTO Teru, UCHIDA Tatsuru , SAKAI Junko, SHIONO Nanami
  • Favorite music: Roma music (I love its free spirit and wildness unrestricted by a score)
  • Favorite animals: Donkey and camel (As it is difficult to have them as pets, I have a cat instead)
  • What I was proud of in my childhood: Natural ice skate rink at our elementary school

[Official employment]:

  • Career educator of Seto City (2010-present)
  • A member of Gender Equality Promotion Committee of Seto City (2012-present)

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