Here are some comments on photography from my clients.

Thank you for choosing Caravanserai!

斎藤貴子さん YUI



I chose Caravanserai to take photos for the menu of my client restaurants and my snapshots. Your [Y1] gentle eyes made me relaxed during shooting.

On receipt, her photos made my heart warm: a feeling I had never experienced before. Profile photos for business seem to reflect myself at ease, helping me to give my clients a feeling of trust.

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ルマセニョン 瀬戸市

親子写真 瀬戸市

子供写真 瀬戸市 ヨガ

Kanako, I am really happy to have chosen you for photography of my daughter (Momo-chan)!!

With a woman photographer, I was not hesitant to show my daily life. My daughter was also relaxed and showed various expressions, which I could see in the photos! During shooting, I didn’t realize that my child was so expressive.

I enjoyed shooting and was impressed by the photos!!

I love your photos because they make me realize that ordinary scenes of daily life are so adorable! Thank you!!

+ + + + + +

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3 Aさま 豊田市

ベビーフォト 赤ちゃん写真 豊田市

ベビーフォト 赤ちゃん写真 豊田市

My son (Kō-chan) was 9 months old when I asked for baby photography.

Caravanserai was willing to take photos outside. At the beginning, Kō-chan was just awake and clung to me. You gently talked to him and waited until he started to play. As she took enough time to shoot, my son gradually got interested in and close to you.

You took photos of daily scenes such as meal time and afternoon nap as well as two of us together (mom and son), which is quite difficult when I take care of him. I especially like the shots of my son playing with tap water and being on my back in an Ergobaby carrier.

The completed photos were delivered as soft copies. They are works of professional and I am very happy with them. As my hobby is scrapbooking, I want to compile them as a favorite album.

I am grateful for the work. I would like to have some more shots with Caravanserai in future.

+ + + + + +

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メディカルアロマ bluefrueさま



Caravanserai has worked for me 4-5 times. You showed me every shot for confirmation during shooting, which I was very grateful for.

And the completed photos impress me without fail! They are very special!

Your photos have a unique atmosphere and tell a story. I believe you are very talented because just pressing the shutter button would not make it.

Because I cannot shoot like a professional, you are the one who I surely think of to take photos of my precious moments.

+ + + + + +

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5 マタニティ写真


キッズフォト 子供写真 マタニティ写真 家族写真 名古屋市

キッズフォト 子供写真 マタニティ写真 家族写真 名古屋市

It was probably best for the parents who were not used to shooting and restless young children like us to spend usual family hours in a place other than studio.

I tended to shoot only my children’s faces while you focused on various body parts and angles such as supple hands, hands-up posture with a little bit bent elbows, and the back of a running child. These photos will continue to remind us of very special childhood.

I also had maternity photos. They are really wonderful and give a feeling of happiness.

I am very content with part of our daily life kept in the photos by your professional skills.

+ + + + + +




家族写真 江南市

家族写真 子供写真 江南市

Thank you for your work. This time, I wanted to keep “the special moments” of my lovely children and your photos were far better than I expected.

I asked you to catch the dreamy face and atmosphere of my 1-year-old son and the movement of excitedly playing 3-year-old daughter. You did splendidly. Every shot was what I wanted: “That’s it. I thought it would be lovely!”

Quickly changing facial expressions, gaze with full interest, just standing – How did you know I would love these? Your photos give soft and gentle feeling. I can even feel the children’s supple skin. Impressive!

I am so happy that I look at your blog over and over. We will come back to you again.

+ + + + + +



道の場 悠 愛知県瀬戸市

道の場 悠 (瀬戸市)足ふみマッサージと温熱療法イトオテルミー

道の場 悠 (瀬戸市)足ふみマッサージと温熱療法イトオテルミー

When I first looked at your photos of “Michinoba Yū”, I was amazed of the beauty. My clients often told me that they gave nice impressions, which made me delighted. The photos have excellent quality and profoundness.

In fact, I was very shy to have my face photographed. Thanks to your gentle talk and smile, I was able to relax. I am grateful for her considerations and excellent work.

+ + + + + +

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水草 nature garden 瀬戸市

ベビーフォト 赤ちゃん写真 子供写真 キッズフォト 家族写真 瀬戸市

ベビーフォト 赤ちゃん写真 子供写真 キッズフォト 家族写真 瀬戸市

Thank you for capturing our natural moments in daily life and keeping them in the photos. I am really happy to have decided to ask a professional to take photos of my daughter (Aya-chan) in her everyday clothes, playing in the playground.

Your photos focused on the adorable moment of mother and child looking at each other as well as charming baby-like hands and fingers of my daughter. You know what to look at because you are also a mother. Every photo will definitely be my precious record.

I would like to ask you to photograph our daily life regularly.

+ + + + + +


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瀬戸花子 スイーツ・パン 瀬戸市

スイーツ・料理・食べ物写真 瀬戸市 瀬戸花子(道の駅「瀬戸しなの」)

スイーツ・料理・食べ物写真 瀬戸市 瀬戸花子(道の駅「瀬戸しなの」)

Thank you for shooting over 2 days. I used the photos on my website.

“I shoot one after another, using anything available here” – You started shooting with casual words and gentle smile.

You also told me while checking the shots, “I forget about time once I start shooting”. A face of the woman who does what she likes really shines! I wanted to take a photo of your face from the best angle then.


+ + + + + +



西脇幸栄 わらべうた 瀬戸市

瀬戸市学びキャンパス 西脇幸栄さん わらべ歌

瀬戸市学びキャンパス 西脇幸栄さん わらべ歌

Actually, I had felt special warmth from your photos: even if it was a photo of a toy…

I chose you without hesitation to have photos of participating parents and children playing together. Your calm and peaceful attitude made the parents, children, and me behave as usual. Faces in the photos were all natural. You were very quick to sense and capture “the empathetic moment” between mom/dad and child. That’s your advantage.


水野喜久枝 育脳メソッドインストラクター

「育脳メソッド」 「えほんのたからばこ」 林成之式育脳メソッドインストラクター

「育脳メソッド」 「えほんのたからばこ」 林成之式育脳メソッドインストラクター

Shooting was performed while I was working as an instructor. Amazingly, you took 100 photos in 90 minutes.

The photos were taken from different angles (from front, sides, and above!) and showing the whole room as well as close-ups of individuals with some softening and shading. They came out wonderful with your gentle female touch.

All the photo data was recorded in a CD, which is very handy.

I will definitely use them for my blog, website, and event information. Thank you.



子供写真 瀬戸市

瀬戸市 赤ちゃん写真 子供写真 家族写真 ベビーフォト 出張撮影

瀬戸市 赤ちゃん写真 子供写真 家族写真 ベビーフォト 出張撮影

I and my family look at your photos, saying “Kanako probably wants to express a soft, gentle feeling of a baby.”

We are happy to have asked Caravanserai because you captured the moment from the angles I never thought of.



アトリエneccoさま 愛知県瀬戸市

瀬戸市 チラシ・ホームページ用写真撮影 商用写真

瀬戸市 チラシ・ホームページ用写真撮影 商用写真

We chose Caravanserai because we expected from your previous works that you would take photos that stimulate imagination, taking advantage of a woman’s point of view and soft focus effects.

I used to take photos as a hobby when I was younger, so I was very interested in your photography. This time, I was not a photographer but a model. I felt a little awkward about being photographed but gradually relaxed by conversation with you while working in my garden.

My dog loved you and I am very happy to have a lovely shot of my dog.


+ + + + + +



仕事ノアル暮らしさま 愛知県瀬戸市

仕事ノアル暮らし 愛知県瀬戸市

We asked for photos of the staff members. As we work in the welfare sector, one of our major selling points is “human power”.

You did excellent work and captured charms of the staff members in the photos by a simple way of talking and cheerfulness that made us smile, a warming-up lecture before shooting, and reliable skills.

Although our staff members first met you on the day of shooting, you did more than just taking time for photography to make them relaxed.

We feel so much love in your photos. This special warmth was what we wanted. We are really happy to have chosen Caravanserai for photography. Thank you.


+ + + + + +



ファミリーフォト 愛知県瀬戸市

瀬戸市 家族写真 親子写真 出張撮影

瀬戸市 家族写真 親子写真 出張撮影

We asked Caravanserai for photography of the family including our dog.

Shooting was performed in a park. My son started to play in the middle of shooting and my daughter with disability suddenly walked away… but you did not stop them. Instead, you rolled around on the grass to take photos of their natural movements.

The photos came out amazing. We were all happy to see that all the photos had gentle touch. Nice and happy atmosphere surrounded us during shooting and we could see in the photos that you pushed the shutter button with much love. We really appreciate it.

+ + + + + +

 池戸ママのブログ(林ともみの ともみ と ともに・・・。)へはココをクリック!



親子写真 愛知県豊田市

写真撮影 瀬戸市 写真館 子供写真 赤ちゃん写真

出張撮影 瀬戸市 尾張旭市 長久手市 名古屋市 子供写真 赤ちゃん写真

“How wonderful!” I was moved to tears by the photos that were far better than I expected.

While I was busy with my daily life, my daughter Karin has become 9 months old. I knew that she would grow up very fast, leaving her childhood behind and that I love her so much.

your photos of our daily life show all these or more and so heart-warming that I am really happy that I chose you.

I may not be able to decide which photos to pick up for compilation. Even if I buy all photos, I have to choose some for postcards!



成長・発達サポートあいち様 NPO法人

成長発達サポートあいち様 グループ写真

成長・発達サポートあいち様 メンバー講師 プロフィール写真


On behalf of Seichō Hattatsu Support Aichi, I am grateful for the wonderful photos you gave us.

I really admire your work and personality. I hope our relationship will last for long. I am now one of your fans.



[Ms. Hara]

Thank you for photographing our instructors. Shooting was really fun and gave me a good opportunity to observe my face.

I realized that I could not smile in front of the camera. You showed the shots every time and suggested what to do for the next. I also found unexpected facial expressions of mine. It was like discovering myself.

It was such a wonderful experience that I would like to ask you again for photography in near future. Thank you.


[Ms. Inoue]

I was very nervous about posing because I was not used to being photographed. But you showed every photo for confirmation and gave me kind guidance, so I found my face with very natural smile in the photos. Thank you so much. I was also surprised to see my friends and acquaintance in the photos shown in Caravanserai’s blog.

Through this shooting, I realized natural faces and movements look really nice. Now I want more such photos without posing. I wish I had known you earlier. I wish I could to go back to the time when my children were babies and have you for family photography! I felt happy by looking at the photos in your blog. I hope you will continue to do wonderful work.

+ + + + + +




Nijiiro Lampさま 愛知県瀬戸市

Nijiiro Lamp ステンドグラスランプ にじいろ 瀬戸市

Nijiiro Lamp ステンドグラスランプ にじいろ 瀬戸市

Thank you for taking photos of me working on stained glass, which I can’t do it myself.

As shooting took place at my workshop/house full of tools and daily commodities, I was afraid that it would take time to tidy up. But I didn’t have to clean thoroughly and you took many wonderful photos under such circumstances.

I love all the photos because they have gentle and warm atmosphere. Your natural photos go well with my shop and work, so I appreciate you for the great work.

+ + + + + +


 Nijiiro Lampさんのホームページへはココをクリック!


赤ちゃん写真 ベビーフォト 愛知県瀬戸市

Wさま(愛知県瀬戸市) 家族写真 赤ちゃん写真

Wさま(愛知県瀬戸市) 家族写真 赤ちゃん写真

Thank you for your photography service. I sent the photos to the grandparents and they loved them.

My baby looks very natural and cute in your photos. I am very happy to see them because I was too busy with taking care of him to take photos. I look at the photos over and over.

I will come back to you when we want some more nice photos.



+ + + + + +



ファミリーフォト 愛知県長久手市

ロケーション撮影 出張撮影 愛知県長久手市

ロケーション撮影 出張撮影 愛知県長久手市

Thank you for everything you did for us. Two hours of shooting went very fast. All the photos we got were natural and beautiful, which makes me happy.

It was especially good for me to have photos of me and my children together since it is usually I who take photos of my family and I didn’t have many such photos.



+ + + + + +



モリコロパーク 岐阜県揖斐郡

モリコロパーク 岐阜県揖斐郡

モリコロパーク 岐阜県揖斐郡

It is very hard to choose the best photo for a New Year’s greetings. I need a photo with big smile…Oh, we are smiling in all the photos. I am so happy.

I usually become a photographer for my family and fail to be in a photo, so I am grateful to you.

It is very precious to have records of family and its changes. Thank you again for shooting in the cold weather. I am enjoying the photos with the grandparents.


+ + + + + +


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