How it goes

booking to receiving photos




Contact me first by telephone, e-mail, and a form on the website.

Just an enquiry is welcome. You don’t have to make a booking immediately. Feel free to ask questions such as “Could you change the shooting day if my kid gets sick?” or “May I choose 2 sites or more for shooting, for example, at my house and nearby park?” You can make a booking after you understand what I can offer.

● One family per day!
Caravanserai has only one booking per day. You can relax and enjoy shooting since there will be no booking afterward. No extra fee is charged for a little extension of shooting time (Shooting usually lasts 2 hours).

● Change of shooting day
Shooting day can be changed if there is a compelling reason such as unexpected events (e.g. feverish child) and poor weather (raining on the day of outdoor shooting). There will be no extra charge.

● Shooting time
Caravanserai uses natural light (sunlight) for photography. Therefore, the shooting time is generally around noon when the sun is high above. It is recommended to start shooting at 9:30-10:00 in the morning or 12:30-13:30 in the afternoon.

[Unfortunately, Caravanserai will not provide services if the client is a man. A male client should be accompanied by a woman or children.]



On the day of shooting, I ask your preferences.

You can ask me anything: “I’d like shooting of children playing at home first and then with greenery in the nearby park”, “I want photos of my children as well as rooms and interior decorations because our house is newly built”, or “Could you include my parents so that we can always see them fit and happily smiling in the photos before they get much older?”

● Frequent requests from the clients

Clients often ask Caravanserai to photograph close-ups of hands and feet, a child on the parent’s back, a mom breastfeeding a baby, sleeping children, etc. Caravanserai is specialized in these, so feel free to ask.




Caravanserai captures your daily life in the photos. Principally, I do not ask you to pose. But if you’d like to have a family photo for New Year’s card, posing may be required.

Clients tend to show nervous faces during the first 30 minutes of shooting (especially children) and gradually become relaxed after 1 hour: therefore, I take more photos after 1 hour.

+ About Clothes

Caravanserai does not provide clothes for photography (I bring only a few toys). Please bring your favorite clothes, accessories, and any other materials. You can change clothes as many times as you want during the shooting time.

+ About Payment

You could pay by cash on the shooting day or into my bank account afterward [Please choose among (1) Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, (2) Japan Post Bank, or (3) Japan Net Bank].

家族写真 ファミリーフォト


4-select photos online

+ This step is generally omitted for commercial photos.

● Caravanserai’s work does not end with shooting.

The photos are thoroughly examined, retouched, and compiled for about 3 weeks. The selected shots are uploaded to an online album (on the Internet) exclusive for the client. The URL will be informed to the client by e-mail.


You will be asked to select some shots for postcards and inform Caravanserai (if you wish to make an optional album or photo panel, also select photos online for it).

With the devices and environment to be connected to the Internet, you can take enough time to select photos at home or cafe. This is a unique system of Caravanserai.

[Note: As the size of an online photo is set smaller, direct printouts from the online album may have low quality. Please use the CD/DVD data for printout]

フォトデザイン・キャラバンサライ ポストカード作成例

● Why Caravanserai takes so many photos?

Caravanserai often takes a few hundred shots in one shooting and provides many photos (as digital data) to the client (e.g. 100 shots or more for exclusive for a family package).

Based on my experience, the photos Caravanserai likes are sometimes different from those the client likes. Customer comes first for Caravanserai. For customer satisfaction, the client is asked to choose photos for the postcard, album, and panel.

In order to provide more options, Caravanserai tries to capture as many moments with different facial expressions as possible by shooting with various backgrounds and changing angles/compositions.


5-delivery by post

About 3-4 days after selecting the photos, you receive a CD/DVD containing digital photo data and postcards (not included for commercial photos) by post (Extra days will be added for an optional album and panel).

フォトデザイン・キャラバンサライ CD/DVD例


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