Hi, I am Kanako HAYASHI, also known as Caravanserai. I’d be happy to be seen as a person who provides unique photo services.

Let me introduce myself. I live next to Nagoya, Aichi (Japan) now but had moved about 10 times before. I’ve lived in Toyota, Kariya, Nagoya, Tokyo, Kanagawa, and 3 years in Egypt. I used to watch the sun setting behind the Pyramids.

I had long been involved in aid programs for developing countries before I started the photography business and am still engaged to some extent. Accordingly, I am very pleased to welcome and receive clients from around the world.

Caravanserai has no studio. Instead, I go out to a place of your choice for photography. It can be a park with greenery and fresh wind or a traditional Japanese castle with an exotic atmosphere. Do you have any other ideas?

I am willing to assist you in creating a memorable experience during your stay in Japan! Would you like to capture natural and relaxed moments of children and family that will never come back and keep them in the photos with Caravanserai?


Birthday July 2 (zodiac sign: Cancer)
Blood type A
Favorite photographers KUMAGAI Motoichi, IWAGO Mitsuaki
Favorite pursuit Visiting Sake (Japanese liquor) breweries
Favorite Sake Houraisen (a representative Sake of Aichi Prefecture!)
Things I find difficult Parallel parking, backward driving, and changing lanes.
Country I'd like to visit Yemen
Favorite singer Utada Hikaru
Phobias Tunnel and elevator (I am a claustrophobia)
Favorite animals Donkey and camel (As it is difficult to have them as pets, I have a cat instead)

Career educator of Seto City
A member of Gender Equality Promotion Committee of Seto City